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To help our membership address the impacts of the Burnett v. NAR et al case, C.A.R. has prepared several resources designed to provide you with answers to some commonly asked questions and guidance on the latest industry updates.

Value Proposition Toolkit


Frequently Asked Questions & Quick Guide

After an 11-day trial, the jury in a Kansas City, Missouri, courtroom, found NAR and other corporate defendants liable in the Burnett v. NAR et al case. This landmark case has led to many questions from REALTORS® and consumers. Below are links to an FAQ and Quick Guide created by C.A.R. Legal outlining the litigation and what the decision means for REALTORS®, the real estate industry and your business.

Learn more about Frequently Asked Questions and the Quick Guide on

Buyer's Agent Resources

As real estate brokerage models change, there is more reason now than ever before for a real estate licensee working with a buyer to document that relationship, including the possibility of payment. Learn about buyer representation agreements including the Buyer Representation and Broker Compensation Agreement (C.A.R. Form BRBC) and their use in real estate transactions.

Visit the Buyer's Agent Resources page for more.

National Association of REALTORS® Competition.Realtor Website


For a comprehensive overview of and many resources for how REALTORS® and local MLS broker marketplaces benefit consumers, NAR prepared a collection of FAQs, videos, and other guidance as well as updates on the Burnett v. NAR et al verdict and ongoing lawsuits.

Please visit Competiton.Realtor to access these resources.  

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