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Welcome to Coach's Corner where industry experts and real estate coaches share self-improvement tips and advice on how to achieve success in today's market.  

Ashley Harwood

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Ashley Harwood is the founder of Move Over Extroverts, a real estate coaching service specializing in training and coaching introverts. She was named one of the Top Real Estate Coaches by both Inman News and real estate strategy website The Close. She’s taught thousands of real estate agents across the country through speaking at real estate conferences like Inman Connect and the Triple Play REALTOR® Convention & Trade Expo. Here, she shared with us her views on the importance of keeping perspective, why stretch goals are helpful, and when to leave your comfort zone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start each day with gratitude. 

  • List your accomplishments in life and in your career.

  • Set two goals: a realistic goal and a stretch goal.

  • Become a market expert by reviewing MLS and your local market data daily.

  • Be strategic about where you spend your energy.

We’re currently experiencing a tough housing market with higher mortgage rates and limited inventory. What advice do you have for REALTORS® who are discouraged by today’s challenging conditions?

Remember that there will always be people who need to move. Death, divorce, job transfers, downsizing, expanding families...these life transitions will always exist. The key in this market (and any market, really) is finding those people who are motivated by need. I’d also recommend starting each day with gratitude. This might sound trite, but it really does help to change your mindset. If everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong, take time each morning to write down what’s going right. Do you have your health? Food? Shelter? Gas money? Clean water? Et cetera. 

Staying motivated can be especially difficult when business is slow. How do you recommend REALTORS® overcome a lack of motivation? 

Several tactical things you can do [are]: 1) List everything you’ve accomplished in your life and in your career. This will help you keep perspective and realize how far you’ve come. 2) Read every client testimonial you’ve ever received. I’d even go so far as to print the best ones out and keep them handy for those times you feel discouraged. 3) Refer back to your “Big Why.” What's your ultimate goal? Why are you in the real estate business, and what will helping more people (and therefore earning more income) do for you and your family? 


How should someone approach goal setting if it’s their first time?

I’d recommend setting two goals: a realistic goal and a stretch goal. The stretch goal will help you think bigger and build the habits to do the right activities necessary to find enough clients. The realistic goal will help you stay motivated even if you don’t achieve the stretch goal. I never want to see an agent get discouraged if they don’t come close to hitting their first-year goal, so setting two goals is a good practice. 

What are some daily practices you recommend REALTORS® take to level up their business?

It all comes down to talking to enough people each day. So, the most important practice would be to set a minimum number of contacts (two-way conversations) you have with people about real estate daily. Even if it’s just 5 or 10, that will add up and you’ll see results. Another daily practice I’d recommend is reviewing your local market data. Check MLS every day to be the market expert. That way, you’ll be able to speak intelligently to the trends in your local market and give guidance to those you’re having conversations with throughout the day.

What advice do you have for REALTORS® who are having a difficult time leaving their comfort zone?

I only recommend leaving your comfort zone for short bursts of time and for strategic reasons. Choose lead-generating techniques that are either somewhat within your comfort zone or not so far outside it that you’ll never take action. (I see that all the time.) That being said, if there’s a $10 million expired [listing] that you want to door knock or cold call, go for it. That brief expenditure of energy could very well be worth it. But be strategic in where you’re spending your energy and keep in mind that anything outside your comfort zone will take a lot more energy.

Should every REALTOR® hire a coach?

In the beginning, if you have a great training program in your office or a fantastic mentor, no, you don’t need to hire a coach right away. Coaches are essential for accountability, growth, and scaling your business, so I do believe every REALTOR® should hire a coach at some point in their careers. Once you know the basics and have a few closings under your belt, that’s when I’d start interviewing coaches and find a program that’s best suited for you.​


To find out more about Ashley Harwood’s coaching and public speaking work, visit her website or Facebook group Introverts in Real Estate.

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