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Welcome to Coach's Corner where industry experts and real estate coaches share self-improvement tips and advice on how to achieve success in today's market.  

Kyle Draper

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Kyle Draper is a national speaker, real estate coach and author who helps his clients grow their businesses by leveraging their personal stories to build one-on-one connections. Here, he spoke with us about the power of video, why you should always surround yourself with positive influences, and how feeling uncomfortable and stretched can lead to personal and professional growth.


Key Takeaways:

  • Never stop showing up for people in need of a REALTOR®.

  • Create small disciplines instead of worrying about motivation.

  • Surround yourself with high-achieving people.

  • Try to be 1 percent better each day.

  • Be prepared to feel uncomfortable.

What advice do you have for REALTORS® who are discouraged by today’s challenging market?

At the time of this interview, over 60,000 of your competitors have left the business. Guess what? Those 60,000 REALTORS® abandoned a lot of people who need a REALTOR®. Go be their solution. Increase your content. Educate, equip, and entertain people. Never stop showing up.


Staying motivated can be especially difficult when business is slow. How do you recommend REALTORS® overcome a lack of motivation? 

I’ve learned this the hard way, but motivation is crap. If you’ve lost motivation, suck it up! You won't get where you want to go because you’re motivated; you’re going to get where you want to go because of a deeper drive inside of you. Why do you do this? Who do you do this for? Dig deep! Forget about motivation and create small disciplines instead. Just one foot in front of the other.


How should someone approach goal setting if it’s their first time?

Buy and read it twice. [It’s the] best book I’ve ever read about goal setting and being intentional. You should also surround yourself with people who are better at goal setting and achieving than you are. You need a front-row seat to see how others do it. Put your ego aside, ask a lot of questions, and just try to be 1 percent better each day.


What are some daily practices you recommend REALTORS® take to level up their business?

Video, video, and more video. But stay with me—not necessarily the way you think. Can you and should you do more videos for social media? One hundred percent, yes! But one-to-one video is where the power is! Send birthday videos out each day to your friends. Instead of texting people, send a video instead. It feels weird at first, but if you can do this for about 90 days, you’ll have everyone thinking they are your best friend. This will increase the ability for people to remember you, and they will send you referral opportunities through the roof!


What advice do you have for REALTORS® who are having a difficult time leaving their comfort zone?

I hate to sound like a broken record and be the bad guy, but NOTHING good comes from our comfort zones. We just had our third child. Nothing is comfortable right now. But it’s in this discomfort that each of us is growing. We are being stretched. We are learning what we are capable of. If you want to be comfortable, go to work at the grocery store. Stand behind a counter and check people out. But if you want to help people transact the largest purchase of their lives, get uncomfortable. Here’s a simple exercise for you: What did you say you were going to do so far this year that you haven’t done? Why? Start doing it tomorrow. The key is to start! You got this!

Should every REALTOR® hire a coach?

Yes, absolutely! They are called “blind spots” for a reason. We all have them, and we don’t know they exist until they are called out by others. If you are never coached, you’re not likely to push yourself beyond what you are comfortable with. You also need accountability in your life. And that’s not the role of your spouse. You need someone who’s paid to kick your butt. Do yourself a favor and go find the coach who is right for you. You don’t have to wait for the expensive one. Go find someone today who can help you with just one thing. My coaching program is just $98 a month, and we did that on purpose so that it’s affordable for everyone. Reach out if you need help.

To find out more about Kyle including his coaching and public speaking work, visit his website and @coachkyledraper on all social media platforms. His book, Rethink Everything, is available online.

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