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Welcome to Coach's Corner where industry experts and real estate coaches share self-improvement tips and advice on how to achieve success in today's market.  

Shawneequa Badger

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Shawneequa Badger is the Team Owner of the Badger Real Estate Group and CEO of Shawneequa Badger Real Estate Coaching, an impactful coaching program that focuses not only on elevating real estate agents’ success but also contributing to the overall elevation of the industry. She shared with us some of the ways in which she helps her clients reach new heights by utilizing the power of visualization and focusing on gratitude, positivity, and scalable progress.


Key Takeaways:

  • A strong morning routine helps spur motivation.

  • Each day holds new potential.

  • Success is measured in progress, not perfection.

According to recent market data, existing home sales are down to their slowest pace in more than a decade. What advice do you have for REALTORS® who are discouraged by this current state of the real estate market?

Lean into the shift! Remember, markets evolve, and so will this one. Focus on building strong relationships, developing your skills, and adapting to the changes in your marketplace. Today’s persistence will pave the way for tomorrow’s success. Stay encouraged — this is only a season.


What are some tips you can offer to help REALTORS® who are struggling to overcome a lack of motivation due to the challenging market conditions?

Strong morning habits are typically the “secret weapon” for diminishing motivation. Begin your day with a foundation of gratitude, reflecting on the positive aspects of your life. Next, engage in the powerful practice of visualizing success; picture yourself achieving your goals and feel the sense of accomplishment. Following this, take a moment for positive affirmations, speaking words of encouragement and confidence. This morning routine, combining gratitude, visualization, and affirmations, aims to uplift your spirits and set a positive tone for the day ahead. Embrace the potential of each new day, understanding that progress, not perfection, is the true measure of success.


How do you recommend REALTORS® who are looking to advance in their careers approach goal setting?

Goals are a journey, not a race. I recommend creating a scalable path into goal setting. Start with accomplishable benchmarks. Some will need to create goals around priorities, whereas others will need to create goals around habits. Either way, figure out what works best for you. Along the way, don’t forget to reward yourself for the smallest of achievements. You’re worthy of praise.


What are some daily practices you recommend REALTORS® incorporate into their schedules to level up their business?

In your daily routine, prioritize nurturing client connections, staying attuned to market trends, and consistently enhancing your skills. These small, dedicated efforts will propel your business forward. Remember, this is the market where buyers and sellers are looking for the ideal agent. 


What advice do you have for REALTORS® who find it difficult to step outside their comfort zone?

Embrace the discomfort; it's where growth unfolds. It’s been said that cream rises to the top! Sometimes the areas of discomfort are the cream of your business growth. Start with small steps outside your comfort zone, celebrate each achievement, and trust in your ability to adapt. You’re capable of amazing things.


Should every REALTOR® hire a coach? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Just like Steph Curry and LeBron James have coaches to elevate their game, a real estate coach provides invaluable guidance, insights, and support to help you reach your full potential. A coach offers a unique perspective, accelerates your growth, and ensures you’re always on the winning side of your real estate career.


To find out more about Shawneequa’s work and follow her on social media, visit her website for Shawneequa Badger Real Estate Coaching at

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